Possible Side Effects When You Buy Tamoxifen for Treatment

August 14, 2014

For decades, tamoxifen has been trusted as the number one drug for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in men and women. Due to its high quality outcomes, numerous physicians around the globe recommend their breast cancer patients to buy tamoxifen for treatment. Tamoxifen has been known as the first option for treatment because it offers lesser side effects as compared to its competitor medication aromatase inhibitors. The main advantage when you buy tamoxifen for breast cancer treatment is that it does not suppress the production of estrogen hormones. As what you may already know, hormone receptive positive type of breast cancers is developed through the presence of estrogen. As soon as the dominant female hormone reaches the receptor sites, the cancer cells can easily develop and reproduce. On the other hand, when you buy tamoxifen for treatment the drug can halt the process by competing with the hormone by binding first to the receptor sites. By this method there is no way that estrogen can combine with the cancer cell, thus discouraging its growth. Moreover, we need estrogen to the other parts of our body for normal functioning, and thus, as much as possible, its production should never be halted. read more