Information About Lasix Dosage

March 5, 2014

When you have been prescribed with lasix, the number one rule for patient safety and for the prevention contraindications is to strictly adhere with the doctor’s instructions. Lasix is a powerful diuretic tablet indicated for patients with fluid retention. In order to maximize its medicinal benefits, you have to follower a particular lasix dosage for a certain disorder. This article will provide you some information you will need to know.

For people with edema, the lasix dosage may generally vary in accordance to the patient’s response with the drug. Doctors will usually begin with a lower dose and, depending on how the body responds to the treatment, will eventually increase the dosing when the condition does not improve.

Adults are usually prescribed with lasix dosage ranging from 20 to 80 mg to be administered within 6 to 8 hours interval. The lasix dosage might be increased by 20 to 40 mg until the desired effects are obtained. Generally, the lasix dosage recognized as a single dose can be administered to patients once or twice a day. If the lasix dosage exceeding 80 mg has been administered for longer periods, medical observation and monitoring is a must to become constantly aware of the patient’s reactions to the drug. read more