Generic Flagyl and its Many Uses

January 19, 2014

Flagyl is an antibacterial drug that is very effective in treating bacterial infections.  However, since this antibiotic drug is a prescription medication, it is not easily attainable and it is also not common for many unlike amoxicillin which everyone are practically familiar with.  The generic name for the drug Flagyl is called metronidazole.  Most though simply refer to it as generic Flagyl when buying from their local pharmacies as generic Flagyl is indeed much easier to remember.

Generic medication such as generic Flagyl are becoming more and more popular to consumers as not only are they equally as effective as their branded siblings, but they are also easier for the pocket as they cost only a fraction of the price.  Even though generic Flagyl is much cheaper, it still carries the same punch as its more expensive sibling.  This is because generic Flagyl is made using the exact same ingredients they use in making Flagyl.  In essence, the overall effect of Flagyl and generic Flagyl is virtually the same.

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